We are a mobile company that provides a take away service, so we are all too aware of the waste our business creates and the miles we clock up each year. However although these issues are un-avoidable in our industry, we can be responsible for the waste we create and keep air miles spent sourcing our products to a minimum, whenever possible.


These are our company promises;



- All meat is sourced from local farmers and is free range

- We don't use any GM foods

- All our food products are free from artificial colours or preservatives

- All our sugar is fair-trade



- All our fruit juices are made with 100% real fruit - no colours

- For the sale of each bottle of "this water" a percentage goes to WATER AID

- Our coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified

- Our coffee beans come from a local UK coffee roaster

- Our tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified



- Cups, stirrers and sugar sachets are bio-degradable

- We recycle empty milk bottles (where possible)



- We use biofuel (when possible)

- By local sourcing, whenever possible, we try to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.