All Events is a young dynamic company operating for over ten years in the mobile catering space. We have built our business on strong values and through providing a consistent and high level of service to our customers.


Although our company has significantly grown in the last few years we still hold these values as the core to our business strategy. All of our outlets run to exacting high standards of quality and service that will prove to become the bench mark for years to come.


Our management team is committed to delivering a high standard of operation, combined with the flexibility to suit any major event. We believe our staff are at the heart of what we do, that’s why every member of our team works with the same passion and enthusiasm we implement.


The products and service we offer today are the result of years of experience and awareness of what our customers want. Our ethos is to strive to offer the very best at a fair price to the consumer. We try all our products regularly and are always on the look out for fresh and new ideas, because we believe to contiune to excell you can always find improvement. We source as much as possible locally or at least within the UK and use small independant businesses, because we like to work with and support like minded people.


We take our staffing very seriously because we are aware of how important it is to give the right impression. Therefore, we only employ fun, polite, professional and experienced staff to assist in the running of our units.


We see it as a priority to ensure that each and every member of our team is hand-picked and only the people who display an articulate, intelligent, efficient attitude and a natural willingness to assist will fit in. We know that reliable manpower is the essential ingredient needed to make our service memorable, covering many events, festivals, exhibitions and shows we have build a great team


We understand that by using our extensive knowledge of event organisation and efficient planning structures we will continue to be an essential part of any event and a valuable partner.


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